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Yuyao become "China hardware products industry base"

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Recently, China metal products association formally awarded yuyao "China (yuyao) hardware products industry base" title, this is also the first original "yuyao city China (yuyao) hardware manufacture base" renamed "China (yuyao) hardware products industry base". In recent years, yuyao hardware products industry has been developed rapidly. Currently, zhuhai's hardware products industry is complete, the variety of species thousand kinds, with considerable scale have hutch defends products, such as gauge nine categories products. To the end of 2007, the city's hardware products industry related enterprise has more than 5,000 home, industrial output reached 337 billion yuan, accounting for the city over the scale of industrial output 27.8%, has become a pillar industry of yuyao city. According to understand that in October 2001, yuyao is ? in

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